General Aquarium Books
General Aquarium Books

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The Hoedemann Book

Published in Holland as Aquariumvissen encyclopedie (Aquarium Encyclopedia) in 1969 by Elsevier and later in English as Naturalists Guide to Fresh Water Aquarium Fish in the 1970s, this is in my opinion the best general book written about aquarium fishes ever. If you read the entire book and then took a college introductory course on ichthyology you probably wouldn't pick up too much new information from it. That good.


This work was like a British version of the Innes book and laid out the say way, principles of fishkeeping, then plants, the the fish. What made this work different is the breeding instructions for various species, the author had bred many of them (for examples het Reaboras, cardinals and so on) and gave detailed instructions for species other books claimed had not yet been bred in captivity. One point of personal amusement for decades has been the in the killifish section, there's a fish there, a fine specimen of Fundulopanchax gardneri that is mislabeled as "Aphyosemion calliurum" which was the previous name for the fish but was changed in the 1950s. Twenty years later when this book was published it's still wrong and the 1989 edition has the same mistake, amusingly. Regardless this is one of the finest aquarium books ever written in any language. Similarly so, on the next page F. filamentosum is mislabeled as "gardneri which is even more puzzling.


The Living Freshwater and Marine Aquarium

A Swedish book published in the late 1980s.

This inexpensive book was one of the fist post-techno aquarium books: it has graphs of spectrum of various bulbs, and instructions to make your own tanks with a chart of glass thicknesses. It also had interesting designs for living filters, houseplants built in to a tray at the top of the tank to use houseplant roots as aquarium filters. It's a very clever book, really Surprisingly good; lots of innovative ideas for the do-it-yourself types.

Peter Hunnam, Annabel Milne, Peter Stebbing, Crescent Books, New York 1981, 1990.

ISBN-10: 0517390418
ISBN-13: 978-0517390412
10.4 x 10.2 x 1 inches, 2.6 pounds.


Life and Love in The Aquarium - 1934

"Written in a style like no other" - Robert Ellerman
Ornamental Fish Trade in the Netherlands

A history by Tonnie Woeltjes.

Al Klee's works.

wwf-woeljes: Ornamental Fish Trade in the Netherlands