Faszination Aphyos

‎Steffen Fick‎:

Killifish book by Dieter Ott
Author Dieter Ott. It costs 29,95 € + 1,90 € postage. But you get a lot for it. The title for me personally is not happy with this shortcut, because in addition to aphyosemion, fundulopanchax and callopanchaxinii are treated. However, the latter are closer to the epiplatys than Aphyosemion. If then I would have called it " Glorious Kärflingen from West and Central Africa.


Killifisch Fidel

Killifish Primer by Rudolf Pohlman (in German)


Rivulins of the Old World

Rivulins of the Old World - Joergen J. Scheel, 1970, TFH. The gold standard.