Faszination Aphyos
Faszination Aphyos

‎Steffen Fick‎:

Killifish book by Dieter Ott
Author Dieter Ott. It costs 29,95 € + 1,90 € postage. But you get a lot for it. The title for me personally is not happy with this shortcut, because in addition to aphyosemion, fundulopanchax and callopanchaxinii are treated. However, the latter are closer to the epiplatys than Aphyosemion. If then I would have called it " Glorious Kärflingen from West and Central Africa

Now to the content:

- Pictures are not so good of the print quality, usually a little too bright, the colors could have been stronger. All pictures are of the author, which is commendable in itself, but a few should have been replaced with better ones (partial blur), but if you don't have any others.?.. Also some pictures are missing in the species panels, since the author apparently the fish himself didn't care for. Otherwise, the pictures are of good to average quality.

- But the text has it in it and is highly recommended. Until you get to the species in the about 270 pages thick book, you are very much in the first 130 pages in the theoretical field, which is classification, spread, food, behavior, attitude, breeder tips, breeding, gender distribution etc. includes. Many clues from science with sources.

- In the species there are also many very interesting information about current DNA studies with cross-references to older species classifications and genera, such as Scheel or other authors. The species are divided into three groups (and these in turn into subgenus and species groups) Aphyosemion, Fundulopanchax and Callopanchinii (with its genera Callopanchax, Nimphopanchax, Archiaphyosemion and Scriptaphyosemion). These could be a little more accurate, with more found information in the spread and map material. Otherwise, the essentials are in it.

Conclusion - the book contains a lot of information that helps beginners in the attitude and breeding of Killis. But it also contains a lot of information for advanced Killians, yes there was a lot for me that I either didn't know in this context or didn't know the work of the scientists, so that it was completely new for me. You can also see this on the 10 pages of literature. I read it until Thursday and actually only found one mistake. Fundulopanchax is indicated in the spread to Gabon and Congo what's wrong. And a supplement in the spread of the Killis - is not only the separation and / or spread by geographical obstacles, my addition would be a temperature, hydographic obstacles such as large rivers of precipitation and soil condition (for example, there are no annual species, since these doesn't keep enough moisture. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended, very educational and informative for a low price.

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