Suborders in Order Anabantiformes
Alessio Datovo, University of São Paulo
"In the recent teleost classification of Wiley & Johnson (2010), Channa is placed within the Anabantiformes, a new order erected to circumscribe the Channoidei plus the Anabantoidei (both previously placed within the Perciformes; Nelson, 2006)"

Wiley, E. O., et G. D. Johnson. 2010. A teleost classification based on monophyletic groups. Pages 123–182 dans J. S. Nelson, H.-P. Schultze, et M. V. H. Wilson, (eds). Origin and Phylogenetic Interrelationships of Teleosts. Verlag Dr. Friedrich Pfeil, Mȭnchen.

It is available for download here: