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The Wall of the Dead:

A Illustrated Memorial to Fallen Naturalists

Based on work by Richard Conniff

Eberhardt, Les (19??-1992), wildlife ecologist with the Battelle Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, killed, age unknown, in a plane crash in Yakima, Washington.

Egler, Walter A. (1924-1961), Brazilian botanist, died, age 36, on an expedition to the Rio Jarí, a northern tributary of the Amazon, when his outboard motor failed and his canoe went over a waterfall. The Reserva Walter Egler in Amazonas, Brazil is named after him.

Eickwort, George Campbell (1940–1.994), hymenopterist, age 54, car acci­dent in Jamaica.

Embar, Keren (1978-2014), an evolutionary ecologist specializing in predator-prey behavioral games, died, age 36, after contracting the local endemic hanta virus while doing research with bank voles in Finland.

Engeling, Gus A., (19??-1951), a naturalist, plant collector, and game warden, was shot and killed, age unknown, by a poacher he was trying to arrest. The Gus A. Engeling Wildlife Management Area in East Texas is named in his honor.

Entwhistle, Michael Alan (1960-1990), British amateur ornithologist, captured and murdered, age 30, by guerrillas of the Marxist guerrilla group Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path). He was conducting an expedition in north central Peru, in the Tingo María area of the Upper Huallaga River Valley, when he was taken on 12 June or later; no body was found. (See also Andrews,Timothy Peter, above.)

Epova, Nina (1920-1960), Russian botanist, drowned, age 40, during a river crossing in Khamar Daban Mountains. Her research led to the creation of Baikal Nature Reserve.

Evert, Erwin F. (1940 -2010), botanist in the greater Yellowstone ecosystem, where he found five new species of plants, published Vascular Plants of the Greater Yellowstone Area: An Annotated Catalog and Atlas, died, age 70, in  a “fatal encounter with a grizzly bear” while on his daily botanical walk in the Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming.