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The Wall of the Dead:

A Illustrated Memorial to Fallen Naturalists

Based on work by Richard Conniff

Ooi, Inn-Siang (1962-1986) a PhD student in botany at University of Miami from Malaysia, died, age 24, of stings from Africanized honey bees during an Organization for Tropical Studies field course in Costa Rica.  He became stuck in a crevice and when his body was retrieved, he had sustained 8000 stings.

Van Oort

Oort, Pieter van(1804–1834), artist who made numerous illustrations of landscapes, people, animals, and plants for the Dutch Natural History Commission in the East Indies, age 30, in Sumatra, of malaria.

Ortiz-Crespo, Fernando (1942-2001), Ecuadorian ornithologist who died in a boating accident, age 59, while studying birds on an Andean lake.

Ortiz, Patricia (1973-2013), ant biologist from Ecuador, killed by falling rocks, age 40, while working with students at a waterfall in Costa Rica. University of Utah myrmecologist John Longino recently named a new species from Monteverde Cloud Forest, where she had worked, after Ortiz, calling her “a brilliant naturalist whose untimely death saddened the Monteverde community.”